MTM2 Buses
About the MTM2 Buses team:

Hi there, we are MONSTER_MORA (Eduardo Mora) and Kmaster (Juan Pablo Meza), the MTM2 Buses team, making bus replicas since July 2008. The first bus was created by Mora and it was called
Scania Bus (a Paradiso GV 1150), it was released on July 07. I inmediatly liked it and I decided to repaint it to a Busscar El Buss 340, with a Tur-Bus paintjob (a chilean bus line). Of couse, I asked for permission to do so. Mora liked the paintjob and we decided to start working together on new replicas.


Eduardo Mora Acuña (26) from Bogotá, Colombia. Cool guy, nice to work with. He's always available for new stuff and he's always making new models. Many of his buses have been featured on colombian bus fansites. Congrats! He has made most of the models, wheels, lights... You can contact him either here or here.

Juan Pablo Meza (19) from Valparaíso, Chile. I paint, that's it. I've been making some models too... but i'm not as good as Mora... anyway I also give suggestions & ideas, take screenshots, do the legal stuff, procrastinate and mantaint this site. I've been mtmin' since 2001. But If you want to stalk know more about me, follow this link.

Our fans and followers:
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All trucks available here are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 (Chile).Click here for more info.

Greetings from South America.